This website is a hobby of mine and a way for my friends and I to try new things out and see what we can do. I have it running on an old HP DL380 G6 enterprise server running Ubuntu 18.04LTS and using Apache. I made a few unnecessary minor upgrades to it, adding some ram and two new processors since the parts were so cheap. I also purchased some SAS drives and raided them for a meager 1.2tb storage solution for the media that I make available through Plex. In addition to this site and Plex I have Apache running several subdomains for the site including an instance of GitLab.
Over the course of the next semester I have a few goals for the site and my server:

1. Continue to update/fix all CSS to be uniform and mobile friendly.
2. Finish learning about CI/CD Pipelines and building one for GitLab using docker.
3. Have a fully operational base website with access to GitLab and an about page with server status and specs such as utilization, traffic, and temps.

I think these goals are obtainable and will lay the foundation to add more pages and features later.

Live utilization/temps: